As the leaves on trees change colors and fall leaving trees naked and vulnerable to the harshness of what’s to come, it reminds us of the cycle of the earth, the nature of nature, the nature of change. It is the strength and wellbeing of those trees that they survive to welcome new foliage and the promise of growth. The wonderful thing about living in the Northeast is that nature bestows on us the reminder of change with each and every season. Change is so natural in our environment so why is it such a dreaded event for people?

I often refer to the theorist and therapist Fritz Perls who was one of the founders of Gestalt Therapy.

Taking responsibility and becoming a whole person was the foundation of his philosophy. He spoke of the “what ifs” in life. When one hears that phrase…..”Well, what if?” it usually signals some kind of negativity, dread, fear. I argue the point with my clients that “What if?” connotes nothing to suggest negativity. Rather, it can be a hopeful and positive phrase. For example, “What if I found the job of my dream?” or “What if I decide to return to school with the possibility of greater career opportunities?” and so on.

So as trees remind us of the cycle of life so, too, should we welcome change and challenge as cycles in growth and the possibility of new and exciting adventures and positive new beginnings.

Your Feelings Matter,
Susan Isaacson


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