Nature shows fascinate viewers with the struggle of salmon to swim upstream to spawn.  This natural instinct seems to go against the very laws of physics.  We often hear others who struggle use the phrase…”it’s like swimming against the current.” Yet, each Fall Pacific salmon leave their salt water homes and return to fresh water to reproduce.  Despite myriads of obstacles en route, they power on, thus completing their life cycle.

Salmon are anadromous, derived from the Greek meaning “running upward,” and humans, intrinsically, the opposite.  It is, for most, a preference to run along with the natural flow of the current. It is difficult to be the odd man out…. to go against current acceptable fads, to create waves, or to step out in order to turn the tide on what is but what needs change.  Creating and carving out a new standard or thought is often not for the faint of heart.  However, it is those who show determination, foresight and true belief of conviction that often bring about social change that offers a fresh perspective and revolutionary standard of what becomes the new norm.

It’s uncomfortable to stand out, to be different.  We feel exposed and vulnerable. It can be a lonely road.  It takes one voice, one person to speak up against the cacophony of the crowd and say something is wrong/immoral/irresponsible.  When one voice is raised, the more timid may find the courage to speak up as well.

Swimming upstream may be challenging and require overcoming obstacles, yet if salmon recognize that the survival of their species depends upon it, perhaps you can see the value in it as well.

Author’s Note:  A Happy Belated One Year Anniversary on the legalizing of gay marriage #June26