Valentine’s Day…that notorious day that we let that special someone know that they are in our heart and mind.
A day that Hallmark keenly anticipates as Christmas has long since exited.
A day that we wait by our mailbox and hope and pray that someone we believe is special, cares for us deeply, and loves us like no other will remember to let us know. And if that card doesn’t arrive how it can deflate, depress, and deconstruct our feelings of worth and significance.

But wait!

Do we need someone to let us know we are valued, loved, special, etc.?
Are we so bereft of owning and knowing our specialness without having to be validated and judged as such by another?
Do we need a date that has been created and designated the one and only day of signifying love to let us know that each and every day we love, are loved, and should value not only those we cherish but should celebrate self love too?

Why do we seek fulfillment and validation from another and only feel complete when viewed as such through another’s eyes?
Why do we give another the power to make us feel loved, important, and special when we hold the truth in our very being?

Is not loving one’s self a right and a key to the health and well-being of each and everyone who has existed, does exist, and is meant to exist?

It is not narcissistic or arrogant to take the time to appreciate the person you have become, to celebrate yourself. Loving yourself is to express the gratitude you have for all that you have accomplished, the core and essence of who you are. Honor and love yourself regardless of any past transgression, pain, etc. Applaud the efforts you have made and any results you have achieved.

So yes, wait by the mailbox if you must. Receive that note, card, or letter that you have written to yourself to remind and confirm that you are special, that you are loved, that you matter to someone…..yourself!
Only when you know self love can you share and celebrate the love for and from others.