During the month of July, we celebrate our country’s independence.   Gaining our country’s independence from England was not easy.   As history proves it was not without struggle…it was a result of bloodshed and tears, courage, bravery and perseverance.   As we celebrate our country’s independence, we will be reminded that the gift of our personal freedom and independence can be celebrated as well.

Personal independence means loving the strong, competent person you are.   It means being able to do your own thing and not worrying about what others think or how others judge you.   It means being able to stand strong.   It means problem solving and devising solutions that are the best fit for you.   It means being empowered and being committed to who you are regardless of what others might say. It means weathering the battles and unforeseen challenges that knock on your door when least expected.   It means revisiting past events that may have been upsetting or unpleasant and drawing from those experiences to assist in new challenges as well as celebrating and reminding yourself of achievements and learned lessons.

Personal independence is just that….personal, unique, individual. Although it varies from person to person, it’s something that everyone can gain. Like the revolutionary war, you can revolutionize your thought process and become more independent by preserving and being brave. The trick is to trust yourself and know that you are strong enough to get through just about anything. The confidence and feelings achieved once you gain personal independence are irreplaceable. Let July 4th be symbolic of your quest to develop and continue your own goal for personal independence…growing stronger and more confident each and every day.

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