Put a Spring in Your Step

April comes “in like a lamb” after the proverbial lion’s roar of March. It’s a time to reassess finances, a time to watch crocuses bud and to listen to the robin’s song. A time to celebrate the rebirth of the earth. The longer days of sunlight and warmer weather naturally put a little “spring” into our step. There’s something about that first really warm day that catches us off guard, where we toss the jacket and...

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April Showers

It’s been said that the best things in life are free.  All it takes is the giggle of a child, an embrace from a loved one, or a beautiful sunset to give proof of this.  Spring is a time when free gifts are experienced all around us from flowers budding to birds singing. Even the rain that is so prevalent this time of year comes freely. Yet it’s often how we look at these things that can determine whether they are gifts or burdens....

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