Red, White, and Blue

Red white and blue–three colors that symbolize patriotism, nationalism, and pride. They are reflected in the flags that adorn front porches of many homes as well as the Pledge of Allegiance recited by rote. These colors have also come to represent a divide.  Red, symbolic of the Republican Party, and blue the Democratic Party while white acts as the divide between the two. With each of these parties recently hosting four-day national...

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Cruising, Chaos, Crashing. Crisis, Calling…Heeding the Signs of Struggle

Survival is at the core of each and every living thing. In Darwinian terms, it is the survival of the fittest that those who exist do just that. When we stumble a little, fall down, feel overwhelmed it is the fight, or lack thereof, that allows to either continue on or give up. This inherent goal of survival also speaks of strength or weakness.  Those who believe they are strong and can do without help are the same individuals who can become...

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The Benefits of Journaling

The term “journaling” often evokes memories of childhood and the days of writing “Dear Diary” in a fabric covered notebook held closed by lock and key. Fast forward to adulthood and that very same journal is now dust-laden and hidden away, long forgotten. If rediscovered, we are transported back to a time when this journal became the place to express our hopes, fears, dreams. Our very best friend….loyal and reliable, a...

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Put a Spring in Your Step

April comes “in like a lamb” after the proverbial lion’s roar of March. It’s a time to reassess finances, a time to watch crocuses bud and to listen to the robin’s song. A time to celebrate the rebirth of the earth. The longer days of sunlight and warmer weather naturally put a little “spring” into our step. There’s something about that first really warm day that catches us off guard, where we toss the jacket and...

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The Power of No

Self-help books abound proclaiming the positive impact of saying “Yes.” The premise of this message is to empower us to accept a challenge, an assignment, a life change. Saying “Yes” can alter a future and, perhaps, produce desirable results. Amy Poehler expressed in her recently published memoir aptly entitled Yes, Please, “Saying ‘yes’ has gotten me a lot of places in my life.” However, saying “Yes” will certainly not...

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