Road Trips

Summer brings with it a sense of freedom, with elongated sunshine and fewer constraints. The desire to pack our bags and hit the road is often the much needed respite we have dreamed of and now made a reality. The memory of gasoline prices hovering at and, sometimes, exceeding $4 a gallon, gave birth to the “staycation”, yet many have stayed and wished they had bit the proverbial bullet, filled the tank, and wandered to faraway places....

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There’s a song from the 80’s by The Alan Parsons Project entitled “Time” and its lyrics state that “time is like a river flowing to the sea…til it’s gone forever.”  An apt, albeit depressing, summation of the passing of time.  Many feel that there’s plenty of time to check off the items on the bucket list, while others lament how there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish life’s necessities.  Either...

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The Heat is On

The cold, snowy winter seems but a distant memory now that we’re in the throes of summer. The Northeast United States is hot and humid and we find ourselves seeking relief in air conditioning and bodies of refreshing water. The heat is most definitely on but this is true beyond just the temperature. Though summer suggests and often presents some leisure time the pressure to make important decisions is not often on hiatus. The day-in and...

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Fleeting Summer

According to the calendar, summer is three months long running from the third week of June to the third week of September.  In reality, though, summer is much shorter than that, lasting a mere eight weeks or so.  What starts off as seemingly endless quickly becomes fleeting.  Those warm weather household projects, promised barbecues, and the required weddings and graduations all compete for the same coveted weekends. So how can we avoid being...

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