Repair and Maintenance

In the town where I live and work there is a shoe cobbler who takes the time to restore and repair leather goods. His belief, as stated on his website, is “that if you care for and repair items made from quality materials with skill and love, they will last for years.”  Shoe cobblers are a dying breed, but their statement serves as a useful metaphor for our own lives. Just as we value our homes, our cars, and yes, even our shoes, seeking...

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Swimming Upstream

Nature shows fascinate viewers with the struggle of salmon to swim upstream to spawn.  This natural instinct seems to go against the very laws of physics.  We often hear others who struggle use the phrase…”it’s like swimming against the current.” Yet, each Fall Pacific salmon leave their salt water homes and return to fresh water to reproduce.  Despite myriads of obstacles en route, they power on, thus completing their life...

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The word “maybe” is synonymous with “fence sitting”.  Which way to go?  What path to take?   The word is frequently used as a way to dodge a promise. A child asks a parent for a treat/toy/playdate, the social invitation that is offered with the hopes of (perhaps) a better one waiting in the wings, the boss who is depending on your loyalty and subtle hope that you will go that extra mile despite the demand and stress it may...

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Cold Hands Warm Heart

With the winter solstice a few weeks away, the northeast is waiting and watching the onslaught of cold weather. Winter also signals a time of holiday festivities. We will be shaking many hands at holiday parties and offering a repeated, as well as a quick, apology for our cold hands. As a way to break the ice, many will respond with the adage, “cold hands warm heart” …ergo, what we experience is not always truth. This phrase is an...

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Giving Without Regret

For two weeks each year Munich, Germany is host to millions who come to celebrate Oktoberfest. The country and its citizens are exuberant, celebrating traditions and heritage. This year trains into Germany were not only filled with tourists wanting to experience this yearly event, but also refugees seeking asylum. At first jubilant and welcoming there has been a backlash from Germans resulting in a type of “buyer’s remorse”. The clash of...

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Getting “schooled”

September has arrived way too quickly and for many, the carefree days of summer are over. Children are walking into their classrooms for the first time, older ones have left for college, and the rest of us get to sit in new traffic patterns formed by school bus pick ups. Even if we are not entering the hallowed halls of school, chances are we have been “schooled” recently. Not in the truly academic sense where we gained a greater knowledge...

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