Black and Blue

““Tis the season to be…..” For many, the concluding line isn’t “to be jolly” but rather any number of other adjectives will be used to define this time of year. With the frenzy that comes with Black Friday and the subsequent Blues that come with season, many are left feeling battered and quite frankly, black and blue. How can you not only survive, but thrive, during the season? 1. To help stay in the ‘black” financially, make a...

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April “Phools”

The month of April begins with a day designated for pranks, practical jokes and outright trickery. This is apt because in areas of the country where the four seasons are distinctly marked, Spring is often “tricked” into beginning and the daffodils and crocuses end up covered in snow. April Fools’ Day is, for many, a day to embrace the non-traditional. Similarly, April “Phools” can be a time of thinking outside the box. Just as the...

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Loving Yourself

Valentine’s Day…that notorious day that we let that special someone know that they are in our heart and mind. A day that Hallmark keenly anticipates as Christmas has long since exited. A day that we wait by our mailbox and hope and pray that someone we believe is special, cares for us deeply, and loves us like no other will remember to let us know. And if that card doesn’t arrive how it can deflate, depress, and deconstruct our...

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The Power of Magical Thinking

Magical thinking is a term associated with the powers we believe we have that create a happening, event, or phenomenon. Children display the powers of magical thinking in their belief that Elves, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny truly exist. Questioning the possibility that such beliefs are faulty start at approximately age eight or nine when cognitive development brings suspicions that perhaps these characters don’t really exist. The idea of...

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Cold Hands Warm Heart

With the winter solstice a few weeks away, the northeast is waiting and watching the onslaught of cold weather. Winter also signals a time of holiday festivities. We will be shaking many hands at holiday parties and offering a repeated, as well as a quick, apology for our cold hands. As a way to break the ice, many will respond with the adage, “cold hands warm heart” …ergo, what we experience is not always truth. This phrase is an...

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Remembrance of Things Past

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, in the land of “till death do us part”, 9-5 jobs with pensions and extended families living a stone’s throw away, there was a celebration of Thanksgiving. This day of Thanksgiving continues to be celebrated but with a twist. No longer a holiday that simply elicits thoughts of turkey, family, and football; rather, it has morphed into a bargain shopping bonanza preparing for the Christmas onslaught of...

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