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Three little words….a deal maker or deal breaker of many romantic relationships.  Maybe they were spoken too soon or weren’t heard in return, or there just wasn’t any other way to express the overwhelming emotion of what we know as LOVE. Love…it’s a diluted word. It’s used for everything from the love felt for a spouse/partner, for a child, for parents. Yet it’s also used in relation to food (“I love...

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Cyber Cinderella Story (by Isis Briones)

Happy February! Who could forget that the dreaded Valentine’s Day is being celebrated this month? No matter where it comes from or how much you care to admit, we all have expectations for this holiday. Though the Super Bowl may take our minds off it for a few days, there is always a lingering feeling of wanting a Valentine. Remember in elementary school when all of the kids would bring in a paper Valentine for every student in the class? It is...

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