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Happy Memorial Day, Thank You Veterans

Many people treat Memorial day as a day off work, or a trip to the beach. Although it is wonderful to have a day of relaxation, the holiday at its core is much bigger than what many celebrate it as. This year, we should make an effort to thank our brave troops for fighting to defend our country, both in past or present. Whether it be mentally, or participating in a Memorial Day event, it is important to remember what the holiday is all about. We...

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You may – this May!

It’s amazing how a three-letter word can make all the difference in a statement. It is important to speak to yourself and others in a way that empowers you. When asking a question, the words ‘may’ and ‘can’ are often interchangeable. Like black and white, the two phrases could not be more different. The word ‘can’ denotes physical and mental ability and the word ‘may’ implies permission. May you finish that work assignment?...

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