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The Rules for Re-Engagement

There was a time when the Holidays were celebrated with great anticipation. Families were close knit and lived close by. Over the years the evolution of society has resulted in the devolution of what Holidays symbolize and how they have become viewed as stressful and burdensome . The very core and essence of the Holidays speak to celebrating with those who are nearest and dearest. With loved ones living farther apart, families being splintered...

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Coping With Holiday Stress

Susan M. Isaacson The holidays are considered to be a joyous, magical time. The media imposes expectations of happiness and cheer. But often, the reality does not match what is hyped. In fact, for many this can be the most difficult time of the year. Holiday Blues is often experienced by many. The pressures of being with family one would rather not be with, the financial burden of buying gifts, the time-intensive nature of preparing, shopping...

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